Does Manual Therapy Really Help Mechanical Neck Pain?

Yes it does….

Gross et al. 2007 report in their
systematic review of 84 randomized controlled
trials (RCTs) that there exists strong evidence
of being able to control mechanical neck pain.

However, a multimodal approach including stretching
and strengthening exercises, and mobilization and
manipulation techniques, was significant in
improving function and decreasing subacute and
chronic mechanical neck pain.

There was moderate evidence to support the use
of intermittent traction as a manual therapy
technique. This is especially true when combined
with direct neck strengthening and stretching
exercises for chronic neck pain.

Acute pain was defined as pain lasting
less than 30 days, subacute pain 30-90 days
and chronic pain as being greater than 90 days.

Clinically, I have found that when I have
incorporated exercise with manual therapy techniques
of the neck, pain and mobility significantly improve.

Adding in exercises like deep neck flexor
strengthening, and stretches of muscles like
Levator Scapula, Scalene Muscle group and
Suboccipital Muscle groups have been very
useful for my clinical practice.

For more detailed information on this topic,
I highly recommend to read the following article:

Gross et al. Conservative Management of Mechanical
Neck Disorders: A Systematic Review. 
The Journal of Rheumatology 2007; 34:3

To Your Manual Therapy Success!

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2 thoughts on “Does Manual Therapy Really Help Mechanical Neck Pain?”

  1. Great info ! Regards from Brazil ! I work with sport physiotherapy, with the Vasco da Gama rowers team, at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
    I have a blog about manual therapy and sports physical therapy.

    take a look at my blog !
    I use your´s post about tennis elbow as base to a post. I hope I can use the others two to complete the post, as to translate this excelent job you’ve done writing about stabilization and impairment dysfunction. Have you know Sarhamanns work, she released a new book !! Cervical Thoracic and extremities. I’m waiting for mine to be shipped to me.

    See you!

    see you

  2. Hi Gabriel,

    You are welcome to use my blog post on your blog, my only request is that you give reference to my blog post.
    I am familiar with Sarhmann’s work, don’t have her new book yet. I had a look at your blog and
    liked it, just wish that I could read and understand the language.

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