When Manual Therapy Techniques Are Not Enough – Part 3

Here is the final post for this series on elbow
muscle stabilization in facilitating the treatment
of Lateral Epincondylitis.

There are three important muscles to consider
retraining, especially after any Manual Therapy
Techniques have been performed to the elbow.

Elbow Muscle Stabilization Techniques:

Try these on yourself as you read along.

Anconeus Muscle Retraining Technique

Activation with tactile feedback,
Elbow flexed to 90 degrees, neutral, palpate
posterior/inferior to the lateral epicondyle.

Then resist extension with low effort in
pronation ( or supination)

Then perform eccentric elbow flexion and
during deceleration of elbow flex, anconeus activates.
Then stop midrange and maintain tension in anconeus.

Supinator Muscle Retraining Technique

Activation with elbow flexed to 90 degrees with a
neutral position, then resist low effort activation
of supinators.

Add deviation and move from radial to ulnar deviation
to facilitate the deep supinator fibres.

Pronator Quadratus Retraining Technique

Activation with elbow flexed to 90 degrees with a neutral
position, then reisist low effort contraction of pronation
while palpating at anterior distal radius.

Have the client manually self distract the distal
radial-ulnar joint with their thumb on anterior distal
radius and index finger on posterior ulna.

Have them actively pull the 2 bones back together while
resisting pronation with a low effort isometric contraction
with the wrist in a neutral position.

Add a power gripping progression with a low effort
ball gripping motion in neutral wrist.  This has an effect
on the palmar fascia which is continuous with Pronator Quadratus.

 I have used these very successfully clinically and have found
them to be especially useful with distal radial-ulnar joint
dysfunction at the wrist.

You may want to include some of these techniques to compliment
your Manual Therapy practice. 

Please comment, share and let me know if you

have any success with using these

Elbow Muscle Retraining Techniques.

To Your Manual Therapy Success

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